profesionální služby v oblasti reklamy a internetu
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About us

Our work is a mirror for us which we are not ashamed to look into !

Profile of the firm

Our mission:
JOPRESS fulfills dreams of its clients through advertisement and internet. We help to increase your profit, lower your costs and get you new customers. We aim our know-how and creativity at complex advertising and internet strategy. We are ready to meet your most challenging requirements at top level. We closely cooperate with our distinguished partners and providers to achieve the maximum guaranteed quality while carrying out your most demanding and specialized orders. Personal access, high quality of services provided, effectiveness, flexibility, and professional customer support is our credo.

We offer: business cards, stamps, pamphlets, posters (up to A0), car stickers, covering of tables and shop windows, car and truck sheet printing, promotional objects and its printing, institutional advertising, promotional events, CD presentations, web pages, banners, 3D advertising, neon signs, large-scale printing, facade painting, billboards, company logos, graphical design.


8 reasons:

  • Customer focused
    The ultimate priority of our work is a customer and his needs.
  • Pride of quality
    We are proud of our work and its quality which is a necessary part of everything we do.
  • Commercial symbiosis
    We build long-term and trustworthy relationships with our customers. Full-time and professional customer support is our commitment.
  • Environment protection
    We use ecological materials and equipment at our work. We support and promote waste recycling and we try to reduce exploitation of natural resources.
  • Ethics and reliability
    In principle we act fairly and transparently. We fulfill our promises and given word obliges us.
  • Informal workplace
    Informal atmosphere at our workplace brings inspiration which supports creativity and prevents conflicts.
  • Creativity and style
    You have to be extraordinary. You have to be better and have to distinguish yourself from the others to make an impression in modern world.
  • Expertise
    There are no ordinary people in our team. Everyone working in JOPRESS is a top specialist in his or her field.